The 10 Best Jamey Johnson Songs of All Time

A man who is nominated just about every year he puts out music, Jamey Johnson has been writing amazing songs for a long time now. As fans of his since he released his debut album The Dollar in 2006, we’re listing our 10 favorite Jamey Johnson songs, spanning the entirety of his career. Older country fans who have been craving another outlaw country idol in the modern era can take refuge in the fact that Johnson is helping to revitalize the genre. The best Jamey Johnson songs give you something to think about, with catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics that are descriptive but not too on the nose. It’s no wonder he has written songs for George Strait, Trade Adkins, James Otto, and more.

There are way more than 10 good Jamey Johnson songs, so let us know what your favorites are if they’re not already on this list! Check out some of our other country top 10 lists too, like the best Jason Isbell songs and the best Colt Ford songs.

1. In Color

The first single from his 2008 album That Lonesome Song, “In Color” is a beautiful country song about a grandfather telling his grandson about his younger days. After his grandson finds black and white pictures of him, the narrator tells him “you should have seen it in color” to emphasize how great those times were.


2. High Cost of Living

Another great song from his 2008 That Lonesome Song album, Johnson was nominated for two Grammy Awards for his work on “High Cost of Living.” The song outlines certain drug problems the narrator has faced in the past- “That southern Baptist parking lot / Is where I’d go to smoke my pot / Sit there in my pickup truck and pray / Staring at that giant cross / Just reminded me that I was lost.”


3. Redneck Side of Me

One of Jamey’s older hits, “Redneck Side of Me” was released on his studio album debut The Dollar in 2006. In the song, the narrator describes how he isn’t a redneck in the traditional working sense, but rather his inner-redneck comes out of him through his music- “Show me to the stage an’ set me free / An’ I’ll sing all night, then the mornin’ light / When your shades are on an’ your heads on ice / You’ll know you’ve seen the redneck side of me.”


4. That Lonesome Song

The self-titled track from his That Lonesome Song album, Johnson delivers a somber ballad with “That Lonesome Song.” The song starts out with a very slow and stoic pace, but picks up a little halfway through as the narrator describes his life of loneliness- “Ain’t no one there to care where I’ve been / I’m hummin’ on that lonesome song again.”


5. Playing the Part

Jamey Johnson knocks “Playing the Part” out of the park on his 2010 album The Guitar Song. I know it’s not his absolute best song, but it’s catchy as heck and the music video features Matthew McConaughey in a gorilla suit- how could I not include this for your viewing pleasure?!


6. The Dollar

One of his most famous songs, “The Dollar” is the self-titled track from his debut album of the same name. It’s a sad working class song about a boy who wishes his father would stop working so much and spend more time with him- “And says mama how much time will this buy me / Is it enough to take me fishing or throw a football in the street / If I’m a little short then how much more does daddy need / To spend some time with me?”


7. Mowin’ Down The Roses

Another great song from his That Lonesome Song album, “Mowin’ Down The Roses” is a great country breakup song for men getting over an ex. The narrator o the song is excited to mow his lawn, because he’s going to destroy all the flowers that his ex planted in the yard- “I can’t wait to fire it up / And put er’ into gear / I know I should be hurtin’ / But I’m smiling ear to ear / Cuz I’m mowin’ down the roses.”


8. Ray Ray’s Juke Joint

Released on The Dollar in 2008, “Ray Ray’s Juke Joint” is a song about a hidden country bar that the city slickers haven’t ruined yet. The narrator describes the seclusion of the bar- “There’s a one-lane bridge, just keep it in the middle / Pretty soon that road’s gonna end / Welcome to Ray Ray’s Juke Joint down in the holler / Y’all come back again.”


9. Lead Me Home

The final track from The Dollar, “Lead Me Home” is the perfect closing track on a great album. The song is seemingly about spending your last moments on earth before going to heaven- “I have seen my last tomorrow / I’m holding my last breath / Goodbye, sweet world of sorrow / My new life, begins with death.”


10. Between Jennings and Jones

Paying homage to his idols Waylon Jennings and George Jones, “Between Jennings and Jones” is not just a great tribute song, but a great song about adjusting to the city life- “I left Montgomery on North 65 / I was restless and ready to give Nashville a try / I rolled into town with a sound of my own / Somewhere between Jennings and Jones.”

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