Big Smo stands out among country rappers for his raspy voice and unique sound, and we at FullRedneck happen to be big fans of Smo. We’ve listed our top 10 Big Smo songs of all time, taking into account every Big Smo song from his career so far. This includes classics from his album Kuntry Kitchen, as well as new Big Smo songs like “Redneck Rich” and “Bumpy Road.”

What is the best Big Smo song? Obviously my opinion isn’t everything, but this is a pretty solid list of Big Smo songs that includes all of his music videos when available (lyric videos when they’re not.)

1. Kickin’ It In Tennessee

From his fifth studio album American Made, “Kickin’ It In Tennessee” has a ridiculous catchy western-influenced guitar line that will get stuck in your head in a good way. Lyrically it’s kind of all over the place, with Smo rapping about his southern roots- “Dogs on the porch / Coveralls on the clothes line / I be takin’ care of things / Tell me when it’s go time.”


2. Rebel Road

“Rebel Road” can be found on Big Smo’s 2015 album Bringin’ It Home. “Rebel Road” is told from the perspective of a trucker, where the narrator describes what it’s like to live on the road like truck drivers do- “I be on the road, tryna catch another bite / With another load and I’m burning through the lights / Baby, what a life, driving through the night / Living like a rebel on the road road.” This is the definitely a truck drivers anthem, so don’t forget to bump this next time you’re delivering a big haul.


3. American Made

From his 2010 album of the same name, “American Made” is a patriotic country rap song about being a proud American citizen. Smo talks between the first and second verse about a bad tornado that devastated middle Mississippi, and then raps about the volunteers and good people who helped bring the community back together and gave aid to those who needed it.


4. Workin’ (feat. Alexander King)

“Workin'” is one of those bangers that gets you hype every time you listen to it. The beat is strong and the chorus is catchy, and lyrically Smo is on point too. The song is a real blue collar anthem, as it describes waking up early and taking care of business to provide for your family- “Yeah, I’m up early with the birdies / ready to get dirty / This ain’t a song for you if you asleep at 7:30.”


5. Kuntry Boy Swag

One of Big Smo’s older songs, “Kuntry Boy Swag” is a great song about embracing the southern lifestyle. Smo has come a long way since this song, but it’s interesting to see his early work to get a perspective on where he’s at today.


6. Bumpy Road

Released on his 2014 album Kuntry Livin’, “Bumpy Road” has an infectious beat that will instantly hook you. Smo raps about the bumpy ride he likes to take with his girl, saying that the bumpier the ride is, the better- “Now, ride around the corner where the creek bed bends / it gets a little bumpy, no time to buckle in / Hold on tight, hell slide a little closer.”


7. My Neighbors (feat. Alexander King)

One of my personal favorite Big Smo songs, “My Neighbors” is a borderline funny song about Smo’s lifestyle, and how he doesn’t need to hide it from anyone- “My neighbors know I get stoned / my neighbors know I drink beer / from all the bottles on my lawn / then all the smoke from over here.”


8. Boss of the Stix

If you’re in need of another great country rap banger, add “Boss of the Stix” to your playlist ASAP. Big Smo raps over a badass rap/rock beat that has a dark sound to it in a good way- “I’m the king of the country, the boss of the Stix / I came up like biscuits from scratch in the mix / I’m a big ten hustler with a true south swagger / Hillbilly balling count money on my tractor.”


9. Redneck Rich

“Redneck Rich” is one of Smo’s more thematically sound song, as it delivers a message that money isn’t everything. Smo raps about how he’s “redneck rich,” and talks about owning things that may not seem glamorous in the mainstream, but he can appreciate what he has- “I got a pond full of fish / Field full of corn / Hell of a view from my back porch / And I own everything inside my fence / yeah I’m redneck rich.”


10. Lick Life (feat. Alexander King)

Look, we all know Lizard Lick Towing is the fakest thing since Professional Wrestling, but Big Smo’s “Lick Life” is still a really catchy song that I like a lot. The song is a collaboration with the people from Lizard Lick Towing, with the music video portraying Smo and them teaming up to take down a bounty.

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