20+ Los Angeles Rams Memes Now That They’ve Moved

New location, same crappy team

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Rams memes have always been funny. I mean, they almost always have a losing season, and are basically the laughing stock of the NFL. Now that they’ve moved back to Los Angeles, LA Rams memes are even better. They make fun of the relocation (and the salty St. Louis fans who got burned in the process), the fact that they are still terrible, and much more. Does anyone think that switching cities is going to make them better? The LA Rams will still undoubtedly have a losing season in 2016-17, but at least there will be more fans in the crowd to watch them suck.

There are still a few St. Louis Rams memes on the list, because we couldn’t ignore the classics that are so good. Most of these however are memes about the LA Rams, who will probably be in California for a long time as long as games keep selling out. At the time of writing this they actually have a winning record of 2-1, but as the weeks go on that is sure to change. After all, beating the Bucs is nothing to brag about.

1. Of making the playoffs? Probably not Lloyd..funny-la-rams-meme-1

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