Who knew that so many country songs about sleeping were so sad and heartbreaking? Many of these country songs are about sleeping alone, the fear of your partner being unfaithful while you’re sleeping, and several other depressing topics. I thought sleep was supposed to be peaceful! The country sleep songs on this list include tunes from Big & Rich, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and much more.

1. Crystal Gayle - Talking in Your Sleep

Written by Roger Cook and Bobby Wood, “Talking in Your Sleep” was released as the first single on Crystal Gayle’s 1978 album When I Dream. In the song, the singer listens to their lover talk in their sleep, and worries that the person they’re dreaming about isn’t them - “You’ve been talkin’ in your sleep / Sleepin’ in your dreams / With some sweet lover / Holdin’ on so tight.”


2. Dolly Parton - I’m Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open

From her 1999 album The Grass Is Blue, “I’m Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open” is another song where the narrator is worried about being cheated on. In this case, the infidelity has been happening at night, which is why the singer wants to sleep with one eye open - While I been sleepin’ all my life away  / You been steppin’ so they say.”


3. Chet Atkins - Sleepwalk

Ok you caught us. Chet Atkin’s “Sleepwalk” doesn’t actually have any lyrics, but it’s a beautiful country songs with sleep in the title nonetheless.


4. Big & Rich - Lose a Little Sleep

A great carpe diem song from Big & Rich, “Lose a Little Sleep” encourages the listener to live their life to the fullest. with lyrics like, “Yeah I don’t mind if you don’t mind / Let’s lose a little sleep tonight / No use trying keepin’ track of the time / Just worrying ’bout feeling alright.” The song was featured on their fifth studio album, Gravity.


5. Tim McGraw - Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It

Sometimes you just can’t tell if a breakup is the right decision in the heat of the moment, and that’s exactly how Tim McGraw feels in “Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It.” From his 1996 album All I Want, the singer describes a scene where a woman is in the middle of moving her stuff out of the man’s place - “I’ll pay them boys to stop right now /
And leave that truck out by the curb.”


6. Reba McEntire & Faith Hill - Sleeping with The Telephone

This great duet between Reba McEntire and Faith Hill was released on Reba’s 2007 Reba: Duets album. This is a great country song for army wives, as it tells the story of a woman who is sleeping with her phone because her husband is fighting overseas and she can’t wait to hear from him and know that he’s ok - “And I try not to think he won’t come home / But I’m sleeping with the telephone.”


7. Barbara Mandrell - Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

Written by Kye Fleming and Dennis Morgan, “Sleeping Single in a Double Bed” was recorded by Barbara Mandrell in 1978 for her album Moods. It was #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart, and stayed there for three weeks upon its release. As the title suggests, the song is about a breakup, as the singer is sleeping alone in the big bed they used to share with their partner.


8. Willie Nelson - Can I Sleep in Your Arms

Originally recorded by country artist Jeannie Seely, Willie Nelson covered “Can I Sleep in Your Arms” for his 1975 album Red Headed Stranger. The song is possibly about a prostitute, as the singer is looking for someone to sleep with for the night because the one they love left them - ” Can I sleep in your arms tonight, lady / It’s so cold lying here all alone / And I have no hold to hold on you / And I assure you I’ll do you no wrong.”


9. Emmylou Harris - Sleepless Nights

Appearing on her 1975 album Pieces of the Sky, “Sleepless Nights” is a short and depressing song about a person who is heartbroken and alone - “Thru the sleepless nights I cry for you / And wonder who is kissing you.”


10. Shelby Lynne - I’ll Lie Myself to Sleep

Doesn’t it seem like all of these are country songs about losing sleep over a loved one? “I’ll Lie Myself to Sleep” by Shelby Lynne describes someone who just can’t get over a breakup, and has to lie to themselves every night in order to feel ok and fall asleep.

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