The Top 10 Country Songs About Dying & Going to Heaven

The big place in the sky is the subject of many songs, but what are the best country songs about heaven? We’ve chosen our 10 favorite country songs about going to heaven, ranging from classic artists like Vince Gill to newer country singers like Jake Owens. Many of these songs are sad, so don’t be surprised if you’ve heard them at a funeral before. These songs honor children who have died, grandparents, spouses and more. A lot of good country songs about funerals tell stories, so make sure you pay attention to the lyrics while you listen to them! If there is a country song about death that we didn’t include, let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll add it to the list!

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1. Steve Wariner- Holes In The Floor Of Heaven

This powerful country song about Heaven can be found on Steve Wariner’s 1988 album Burnin’ the Roadhouse Down. “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” sees the narrator recalling the deaths of family members, including his wife and grandmother. At the end of the song it’s revealed that the man’s wife died due to pregnancy complications, and as the man and his daughter stand on her wedding day, it begins to rain- “And there’s holes in the floor of heaven / and her tears are pouring down / that’s how you know she’s watching / wishing she could be here now.”


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