23 Funny Paul Ryan Memes About Wisconsin’s Worst Export

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Is Paul Ryan Wisconsin’s worst export? He’s in a bit of hot water now that Trump has won the 2016 Presidential Election, mostly because he opposed him during his run. These funny Paul Ryan memes make fun of his tool-like behavior, including those awful pictures where he’s curling a dumbbell with his string bean arms. Seriously, was that supposed to impress anyone or make you more relateable to the American youth? My 11 year old cousin can put up bigger numbers than you Paul.

Although he’s the current Speaker of the House, his time might soon be up. As these Paul Ryan memes show, he made a mistake by fighting Donald every step of the way, and now that he’s the President-elect, Ryan has got to be regretting that.

1. You’re going to regret that Paul!

2. What a dork

3. Let’s notfunny-paul-ryan-meme-3

4. The jig is up Mr. Speakerfunny-paul-ryan-meme-4

5. Donald is not a fanfunny-paul-ryan-meme-5

6. Doesn’t really make sensefunny-paul-ryan-meme-6

7. Whatever jackassfunny-paul-ryan-meme-7

8. Tool thinks you’re a toolfunny-paul-ryan-meme-8

9. Great observation!funny-paul-ryan-meme-9

10. I’m not too sure about thatfunny-paul-ryan-meme-10

11. Paul Ryan showing up what he’s working withfunny-paul-ryan-meme-11

12. Great work Paul!funny-paul-ryan-meme-12

13. You won’t be laughing when you’re no longer speakerfunny-paul-ryan-meme-13

14. A better looking Paul Ryanfunny-paul-ryan-meme-14

15. Yes and we lift much more than youfunny-paul-ryan-meme-15

16. This is going to happen come Januaryfunny-paul-ryan-meme-16

17. The biggest baby in the housefunny-paul-ryan-meme-17

18. Relating to America’s youthfunny-paul-ryan-meme-18

19. I like itfunny-paul-ryan-meme-19

20. At least you’re kind of manly with the facial hairfunny-paul-ryan-meme-20

21. The biggest mistake of his lifefunny-paul-ryan-meme-21

22. That’s a fair pointfunny-paul-ryan-meme-22

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