The Greatest Country Singers From Georgia

If you grew up in the peach state, you have a lot to be proud of. Some of the best country singers of all time were born in Georgia, including legends from the early 70’s and superstars of today. Whether they hail from Savannah, Atlanta, or even Sulphur Springs, these Georgia country singers have all seen great success in their lifetimes. The country artists from Georgia below are in no particular order, and a popular song from each singer is included for you to take a listen if you’re unfamiliar with the artist.

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1. Alan Jackson

Born in 1958, Alan Jackson hails from Newnan, Georgia. Jackson is perhaps best known for his 2002 hit “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning”, a tribute to those killed in the September 11th attacks. The song put him in the spotlight for a few months, and was considered the best part of the 2001 CMA awards. 2015 is Alan 25th Anniversary of releasing albums, starting in 1990 and most recently continuing in 2015 with Angels and Alcohol.

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