The 10 Best Angry Country Songs of All Time

Why is it that country artists write some of the best songs about anger? For those days when you’re just in a bad mood, here are our 10 favorite angry country songs, including great songs from George Jones, Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert and other awesome artists. Most of these are country songs about being angry at your boyfriend or girlfriend, but a few are just about anger in general. What’s the best country song about being mad or upset? A lot of these are country songs with angry in the title, but others like Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” don’t have it.

We know we had to leave some classics off the list since it was only 10, so let us know in the comments if you have a favorite that’s not already on the list. The beauty of this list is it has angry country songs for girls as well as guys, so both sexes can find something they can relate to here.

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1. Tim McGraw- Angry All the Time

From his 2001 album Set This Circus Down, “Angry All the Time” by Tim McGraw is actually a cover of Bruce Robinson, who originally recorded the song on his 1998 album Wrapped. McGraw delivers an emotional ballad about a relationship that is falling apart- “You ain’t the only one / Who feels like this world left you far behind / I don’t know why you gotta be / angry all the time.”


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