The Top 10 Country Songs About Stars in the Sky

The best country songs about stars aren’t all literally about stars, but some of them are! A lot of country songs use stars as a metaphor for love, sadness, and anything in between. We’ve listed our top 10 country songs with stars in the title, so hopefully you find a few classic gems that you’ve never heard before. From Willie Nelson to Ryan Adams, this list has just about everything you could be looking for when it comes to country songs about looking at the stars.

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1. Ryan Adams- When the Stars Go Blue

Released on his second studio album Gold in 2001, “When the Stars Go Blue” by Ryan Adams isn’t literally about stars. The song uses “blue” stars in the sky to represent hard times, while the narrator is speaking to someone and offering them to help them through it- “Where do you go when you’re lonely  / I’ll follow you  / When the stars go blue.”


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