The 10 Best Country Songs About Angels

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The best country songs about angels include hits from Martina McBride, Willie Nelson, and other legendary country artists. Sometimes country songs about angels are love songs, like in George Strait’s “Heaven Is Missing An Angel.” Other times, country songs with angel in the title can be used to represent the innocence of a woman, like in Dustin Lynch’s “Cowboys and Angels”. No matter what the song is about, these good country angel songs will lift your spirits in one way or another.

I’d like to know more about country songs that have angels watching over you, so leave a few songs in the comment section if you know any like that.

1. Alabama- Angels Among Us

Although “Angels Among Us” was released as a Christmas single in 1993, it’s not really a Christmas song (although you can see why it’s fitting for the holidays.) “Angels Among Us” is an inspirational country song about Angels released on Alabama’s 1993 album Cheap Seats. The song was performed at the funeral of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. in 2001 by lead singer Randy Owen, who was a personal friend of Earnhardt’s.


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