The 27 Best Australia Memes About Living Down Under

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What is it about Australia memes that make us laugh so hard? Is it because just about every damn animal in Australia is poisonous, or is it because the weather is so hot that it can melt screwdrivers that are left outside in the heat? These 27 hilarious memes about living in Australia demonstrate some of the struggles that Australians put up with in their day to day lives, such as slow internet, crazy kangaroos, and more.

One thing Australia does have going for it is its low rate of gun violence, given the insanely strict gun laws in the country. There is at least one Australia gun meme on this page, but if you ask most Americans they’ll tell you that policy wouldn’t work here. If you liked these Australia memes, check out some of our other memes pages. We’ve got Florida memes, Alabama memes, Russia memes, and a whole lot more.


1. Everything in Australia can kill you

Australia Meme (1)


2. Are you turned on ladies?

Australia Meme (2)


3. This is totally common

Australia Meme (3)


4. In Australia this is a small snake

Australia Meme (4)


5. And you think American summers are hot

Australia Meme (5)


6. Every Australian gloats about this

Australia Meme (6)


7. Psh that’s nothing, come to Florida buddy

Australia Meme (6)


8. Tekken in real life

Australia Meme (7)


9. Can you spot them all?

Australia Meme (7)


10. Like we said, anything can kill you

Australia Meme (8)


11. Australian animals don’t mess around

Australia Meme (9)


12. Not a bad place to die

Australia Meme (10)


13. Giant spiders are common

Australia Meme (11)


14. Nothing like a good kangaroo orgy

Australia Meme (12)


15. Koala bears are actually as cute as they seem

Australia Meme (13)


16. The only forecast you need

Australia Meme (14)


17. Don’t leave!

Australia Meme (15)


18. Kangaroos love drinking beer

Australia Meme (16)


19. Did we mention it’s hot in Australia?

Australia Meme (17)


20. Roo loves striking a pose

Australia Meme (18)


21. Nothing out of the ordinary here

Australia Meme (19)


22. Just another day

Australia Meme (22)


23. Australia in one photo

Australia Meme (23)


24. Australian customs is strict

Australia Meme (24)


25. Birds on every road

Australia Meme (24)


26. Kangaroos are just everywhere

Australia Meme (25)


27. Dude!

Australia Meme (26)

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