Best Animal Farts

Alright, it’s come to this. You’re so bored that you’re willing to watch videos of animals farting. Look, we’re not here to judge you. In fact, we’re going to encourage you to watch these hilarious animal farts, including hippo farts, rhino farts, and more. If you think your farts are loud, prepare to be put to shame, because your gas has nothing on some of these beasts.

1. This Hippo Fart That Sounds like a Weed Whacker


Mother of pearl, this has to be the most epic fart I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s kind of cheating because he’s pooping at the same time, but wow is this hilarious. The hippo’s tail starts spinning in circles as if it’s about to take off, spraying doo doo everywhere to the delight of the crowd. The sound of the fart is amazing, as it sounds like someone is doing lawn work outside with a weed whacker. 

2. This Horse With Too Much Air in its Stomach

At the end of the day, it’s nice to come home and just let everything out. This horse takes that very literally, laying on its back and releasing huge farts into the air as it rocks back and forth. I can’t imagine how much of a relief this must have felt like, considering how much air this horse lets out.

3.  This Deer That Farts and Thinks He’s Alone

I’ll be honest - in all my years on this earth hunting and being outdoors, I have never heard a deer fart. The deer in this video is eating and suddenly looks up as if he is alarmed by something. No, it’s not a predator or a hunter; it’s just your own fart you dumb deer.

4. This Rhino Whose Farts Make a Reporter Lose It

Nothing like a Rhino with impeccable timing. While this reporter is doing a piece about the rhinos, the mother rhino lets out a little air, which causes the reporter to laugh. As soon as he says “pull my finger” the rhino lets out another enormous gasser, causing the reporter to lose it.

5. This Elephant Who Is Embarrassed to Fart

If the hippo fart sounded like a weed whacker, this elephant fart sounds like someone is starting the engine on a boat or something. Look for it around the 25 second mark, where the elephant raises its trunk in front of its face as if to hide its embarrassment.

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