The 10 Best Country Songs About Winning and Losing

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In the game of life, there are winners and losers, and that idea is expressed in many country songs. Even the best country songs about winning are sometimes about losing, like in the Hank Williams Sr. song “You Win Again.” Many of these country songs about winning and losing pertain to relationships, because let’s face it, there are winners and losers everyday if you’re in a relationship, depending on whether you won the argument that day or not.

Do you have a favorite country song about losing or winning an argument? Post it in the comments so that other people can listen too.

1. Hank Williams Sr.- You Win Again

“You Win Again” by Hank Williams was released as the B-side to his Setting the Woods on Fire album released in 1952. The song is inspired by his turbulent relationship with his ex-wife. The style of the song is a blue ballad and sets the tone of pain and despair- “You take true love, and give the blame / I guess that I, should not complain / I love you still, you win again.”


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