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  • Watch These U.S Veterans With PTSD Smoke Weed for the First Time

    In honor of Veteran’s Day, YouTube Channel WatchCut Video decided to make an interesting video- how would veterans with PTSD react to smoking weed for the first time? Would it help their mental state? As it turnsĀ out, a little 420 goes a long way in taking their minds off of the constant stress they face […]

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    33 Ridiculously Hot Photos of Ivanka Trump

    If you’re curious what Donald Trump’s daughter looks like, look no further. Meet Ivanka Trump, the indisputable hottest President’s daughter the United States has ever seen. We’ve collected the 33 hottest Ivanka Trump pictures the Internet has to offer, and boy is she a beautiful woman. Ivanka Trump without makeup proves that she truly is […]

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    23 Funny Paul Ryan Memes About Wisconsin’s Worst Export

    Is Paul Ryan Wisconsin’s worst export? He’s in a bit of hot water now that Trump has won the 2016 Presidential Election, mostly because he opposed him during his run. These funny Paul Ryan memes make fun of his tool-like behavior, including those awful pictures where he’s curling a dumbbell with his string bean arms. […]

  • 23 Hilarious Global Warming Memes That Make Fun of Both Sides

    The idea of global warming continues to be one of the most controversial debates in the scientific community, as people have very differing opinions on what is going on. These funny global warming memes make fun of both sides, as this list contains both pro-global warming memes and anti-global warming memes. As it stands now, […]

  • The 25 Funniest Michelle Obama Memes on the Internet

    Now that Trump has been elected as our next President, Michelle Obama is no longer who we think of as our first lady. These funny Michelle Obama memes take jabs at her time spent as the first lady, including her hypocrisy, lack of good looks, and crappy ideas. She was always pushing for children to […]

  • 17 Hilarious Democrat Memes To Laugh At Now That They’re Out of Power

    Well, it actually happened. In 2016, Donald Trump shocked the world when he handily defeated Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election. Not only that, but Republicans won both the House and Senate, which is why we’re laughing at these hilarious Democrat memes. From Democrat logic to reasons why Democrats are stupid, these funny liberal memes […]

  • 25 Hilarious Tim Kaine Memes That Tear Him Apart

    With all the potential VP nominees, how did Tim Kaine end up as the choice for Hillary Clinton? These funny Tim Kaine memes make fun of him in a big way, including comparisons to the Mayor of Whoville, the Keebler Elf, a snowman, and much more. This hyper, liberal squirrel man got his butt handed […]

  • 30+ Hilarious Mustang Memes About Their Constant Crashes

    Before we start ripping Mustangs with these hilarious Mustang memes, let’s just clarify one thing- responsible Mustang owners do exist. That being said, if you go to YouTube and type in “Mustang crash,” you will find an entire days worth of videos that show Mustangs crashing into crowds of people, other cars, and barricades. These […]

  • The 22 Funniest Prius Memes That Make Fun of Hybrids

    The idea of the Prius is a good one- save money on gas, and put a little less strain on the environment. However, as these funny Prius memes prove, no car is safe from the wrath of the internet. These are the 22 best Prius memes we could find, making fun of how the Prius […]

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