Netflix Faces the Wrath of Angry Americans With ‘Dear White People’ Trailer

Dear White People Poorly Received
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When will companies learn that ostracizing their biggest demographic just isn’t a good idea? Apparently Netflix didn’t get the memo, as yesterday they dropped a release trailer for an upcoming series called Dear White People that will be debuting on the streaming service this year.

If you think the series sounds like crap, you are right. It is yet another example of a company posturing and pandering to the social justice crowd by depicting white-Americans as corny, racist, evil people. Just take a look at the trailer- it’s only 34 seconds long, but tells you everything you need to know about what this series will be. The black narrator is depicted as a strong and intelligent woman, while the white characters are waspy, racist buffoons who are all wearing blackface and being overtly offensive. Don’t worry though- the black folks crash the white people’s party and really stick it to them by knocking over their speakers and lecturing them on cultural appropriation. Yuck.

There is a silver lining to this story though; the YouTube trailer for Dear White People has an absurd dislike to like ratio, and it’s not even a day old. As of the time of writing this, there are currently 121,821 dislikes to 6,667 likes. I’m not going to say that it will beat the 1,000,000+ dislikes that the Ghostbusters 2016 trailer has, but man oh man are the people letting Netflix know that this is garbage is unacceptable.


Dear White People Numbers


Besides being poorly received, Netflix is also getting a number of cancellations from angry subscribers. #CancelNetflix is trending on Twitter, with tons of people posting screenshots of their memberships being cancelled. Weird how singling out an entire race of people can have consequences, isn’t it? Don’t worry though; I’m sure Dear Black People is in the works too. Oh wait…


Here is the flaming garbage pile of a trailer if you want to watch it, but let me warn you up front that you will probably cringe. Go ahead and add to that dislike number if you so choose! Maybe it will overtake Ghostbusters after all.

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