24 Starbucks Memes That Are Way Too Real

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It’s America’s most popular coffee chain, but these funny Starbucks memes show that there is a lot to make fun of when it comes to the Seattle-based company. The best Starbucks memes make fun of their ridiculous drink names, the long orders that are way beyond just a regular cup of coffee, and the people who frequent the shop everyday (we’re looking at you white girls and hipsters.) Some of these Starbucks memes joke about how expensive the coffee is, even though you could probably get a similar cup for a quarter of the price.

Also, what’s the deal with the back of the Starbucks logo? When you realize that the logo looks like a women spreading her legs, your mind just might be blown a little. Share these memes about Starbucks with your friends who are obsessed with going there, even though they might be a little butt-hurt that you’re making fun of their addiction.

1. Girls simply don’t care as long as they get their StarbucksFunny Starbucks Meme (1)

2. I hate to admit this is kind of trueFunny Starbucks Meme (2)

3. Don’t think that I won’tFunny Starbucks Meme (3)

4. Paul Rudd knows what’s upFunny Starbucks Meme (4)

5. Made by the white guyFunny Starbucks Meme (5)

6. It’s super effective!Funny Starbucks Meme (6)

7. Good luck memorizing their orderFunny Starbucks Meme (7)

8. Things are heating upFunny Starbucks Meme (8)

9. I refuse to order in their termsFunny Starbucks Meme (9)

10. It’s the same damn experience and probably better coffeeFunny Starbucks Meme (10)

11. Good guy Starbucks employeeFunny Starbucks Meme (11)

12. Professors love this guyFunny Starbucks Meme (12)

13. The sad thing is these people existFunny Starbucks Meme (13)

14. You chuckled, admit itFunny Starbucks Meme (14)

15. I don’t want to be there when this happensFunny Starbucks Meme (15)

16. Just don’t do it boysFunny Starbucks Meme (16)

17. At least they admit itFunny Starbucks Meme (17)

18. Gotta have their name brands
Funny Starbucks Meme (18)

19. Hint- you’re paying for the logoFunny Starbucks Meme (19)

20. What the back of the Starbucks logo looks likeFunny Starbucks Meme (20)

21. Yo dawg…Funny Starbucks Meme (21)

22. Guaranteed sexFunny Starbucks Meme (22)

23. What is this coffee you speak of?Funny Starbucks Meme (23)

24. It sure sounds like oneFunny Starbucks Meme (24)

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