The Top 10 Jamey Johnson Songs

A man who is nominated just about every year he puts out music, Jamey Johnson has been writing amazing songs for a long time now.¬†As fans of his since he released his debut album The Dollar in 2006, we’re listing our 10 favorite Jamey Johnson songs, spanning the entirety of his career. Older country fans who have been craving another outlaw country idol in the modern era can take refuge in the fact that Johnson is helping to revitalize the genre. The best Jamey Johnson songs give you something to think about, with catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics that are descriptive but not too on the nose. It’s no wonder he has written songs for George Strait, Trade Adkins, James Otto, and more.

There are way more than 10 good Jamey Johnson songs, so let us know what your favorites are if they’re not already on this list! Check out some of our other country top 10 lists too, like the best Jason Isbell songs and the best Colt Ford songs.

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1. In Color

The first single from his 2008 album That Lonesome Song, “In Color” is a beautiful country song about a grandfather telling his grandson about his younger days. After his grandson finds black and white pictures of him, the narrator tells him “you should have seen it in color” to emphasize how great those times were.


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