The 10 Best Big Smo Songs of All Time

Big Smo stands out among country rappers for his raspy voice and unique sound, and we at FullRedneck happen to be big fans of Smo. We’ve listed our top 10 Big Smo songs of all time, taking into account every Big Smo song from his career so far. This includes classics from his album Kuntry Kitchen, as well as new Big Smo songs like “Redneck Rich” and “Bumpy Road.”

What is the best Big Smo song? Obviously my opinion isn’t everything, but this is a pretty solid list of Big Smo songs that includes all of his music videos when available (lyric videos when they’re not.)

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1. Kickin’ It In Tennessee

From his fifth studio album American Made, “Kickin’ It In Tennessee” has a ridiculous catchy western-influenced guitar line that will get stuck in your head in a good way. Lyrically it’s kind of all over the place, with Smo rapping about his southern roots- “Dogs on the porch / Coveralls on the clothes line / I be takin’ care of things / Tell me when it’s go time.”


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