The 10 Best Jason Isbell Songs

One of the most prolific songwriters alive today, Jason Isbell writes raw, emotionally charged country music that is a refreshing change of pace from some of the cookie cutter artists of today. The best Jason Isbell songs tug on your heartstrings in a way that only country music can do, with songs about his mother’s battle with cancer, his struggles with alcohol addiction, terrible breakups, and so much more. This list of Jason Isbell songs is almost exclusively from his solo career, where he really shined on his own and became a national treasure in the country community.

Our 10 favorite Jason Isbell songs perfectly illustrate why he’s being spoken in the same breath as artists like Dylan or Springsteen- he is truly a one of a kind songwriter with a voice to match. Let us know what you think the best Jason Isbell song is in the comments! You probably won’t be surprised that we included him on our list of country songs about hurting.

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1. Traveling Alone

Perhaps inspired from Jason Isbell’s time spent on the road, “Traveling Alone” is a beautiful song about the loneliness of living like a man in a suitcase- “And I know every town worth passing through / But what good does knowing do / With no one to show it to?” The song was featured on his 2013 album Southeastern.


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