The Best Country Songs About Texas

Before you read our list of the best country songs about Texas, just know that we already know that several classics have been left off the list. This might be because these Texas country songs are already featured on other lists of ours, or it might be because we wanted to give you different songs than the other sites who have lists like this. Either way, these are 10 really good country songs about Texas, so just enjoy the playlist and the music.

Our list includes country Texas pride songs, country songs about growing up in Texas and more. Artists like Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings, and George Strait have all written beautiful songs about Texas.

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1. Restless Heart- Bluest Eyes In Texas

Released in May 1988 as the lead single on their album Big Dreams in a Small Town, “Bluest Eyes In Texas” by Restless Heart is a song that Van Stephenson co-wrote after running into an ex-girlfriend who had blue eyes. The narrator of the song is haunted by his ex with blue eyes, and he can’t seem to get them out of his head- “The bluest eyes in Texas / Are haunting me tonight / Like the stars that fill the midnight sky / Her memory fills my mind.”


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