The 10 Best Country Songs That Start With “E”

For whatever reason, you’re looking for some good country songs that start with E, and luckily for you we’ve got a great list right here. Our playlist of the best country songs that start with the letter E includes artists like Freddie Hart, Dolly Parton, Keith Urban, and other great artists. Let us know what your favorite country song that begins with the letter E is, especially if it’s not on this list already. We might even add it if we like it!

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1. Hank Williams Jr.- Eleven Roses

The first #1 single for Hank Williams Jr., “Eleven Roses” appeared on his 1972 album of the same name. This famous ballad sees the narrator giving his girlfriend eleven roses to make up for his past mistakes, with the 12th rose being her when she looks in the mirror at the end. The song was originally written by Lamar Morris and Darrell McCallm.


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