The Best Country Songs About Flying

A lot of the best country songs about flying are metaphors for love or relationships, and we wanted to list our favorites. There are country songs about flying away, like Dolly Parton’s “Time For Me To Fly,” and there are other songs about flying that symbolize being high on drugs, like Garth Brooks’ “A New Way to Fly.” No matter what kind of metaphors are being used, these are all good country songs about flying like an eagle, so enjoy this playlist and let us know if there are any other country flying songs that we should have added to the list. Most of these are country songs with “Fly” in the title or lyrics.

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1. John Denver – Fly Away

One of the biggest hits of John Denver’s career, “Fly Away” was featured on his Windsong album in 1975. The audience can hear the talented Olivia Newton-John singing softly along with Denver on this track. Not just a song, “Fly Away” is a more sonic ode to longing for simpler times and a simpler way of life. The lyrics of the song appeal those wishing for the return of simple life: “Where are my days? Where are my nights? / Where is the springtime?”


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