The 10 Best Country Songs About Water

It’s interesting how different minds can take one subject and extract so many different themes from it. Although these are all country songs about water, each artist puts their own spin on the subject, resulting in some really great country music that is deep, cheerful, and everything in between. For example, “The River” by Garth Brooks and “River of Love” by George Strait both use a river as the driving point of their songs, but the way they use it is completely different. Water is commonly associated with Christianity, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the tunes on this list are country songs about holy water. Carrie Underwood and Big and Rich are just two artists who tied water and Christianity together for their songs. Did we miss any good country water songs? Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite!

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1. Garth Brooks- The River

The song the river is a soft-hearted song that brings new meaning to dreams. Garth Brooks delivers a message that tells us that no matter what happens, quitting is not an option. “Dare to dance the tide” is an ignited phrase that is telling us to take chances in life, not just sit back and be content sitting on the shoreline. There are going to be some hard times in life, but until death when the river runs dry, let’s keep sailing.


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