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  • 26 Scary Galeophobia Pictures of Terrifying Sharks

    If Jaws is hands down the scariest movie you’ve ever seen in your life, you might have what they call galeophobia, or a fear of sharks. It seems unnecessary to even have a a name for this, right? I mean who isn’t scared of sharks? Well those who suffer from galeophobia have an intense fear […]

  • 24 Samhainophobia Pictures For Those Who Fear Halloween

    For many of us, Halloween is the most fun holiday of the year. You get to dress up like an idiot and get drunk like one too, plus there is always enough candy floating around the office to feed a small army. But did you know some people have an intense fear of halloween? It’s […]

  • 16 Creepy Scopophobia Pictures

    Would you rather donate a kidney than deliver a public speech? Does the thought of being watched unknowingly by someone make you uncomfortable? If so you might have mild case of scopophobia, a fear of being watched by other people. Scopophobia mostly a social phobia, where the victim feels anxiety in any circumstance where the […]

  • 29 Automatonophobia Pictures of Scary Dolls and Dummies

    Did Chucky from Child’s Play horrify you as a child? Is Night of the Living Dummy the scariest book you’ve ever read, Goosebumps or not? Is Five Nights at Freddy’s such a terrifying game that you can’t even bring yourself to play it? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you probably have […]

  • 23 Creepy Gephyrophobia Pictures of Scary Bridges

    Do you avoid routes with bridges because you are scared of crossing them? If so, you might have gephyyrphobia, or a fear of bridges. Whether you’re scared that the bridge will break, or you simply don’t like the appearance of them, if the gephyyrphobia pictures below leave you feeling unsettled then you might discover a […]

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    26 Creepy Thalassophobia Pictures

    If you’ve landed on this page, you are one of two people. If you’re the first, then you already know you have Thalassophobia, and you’re looking for pictures to trigger your own fears. If you’re the second, then you’re probably asking, “what the hell is Thaslassophobia and why do I care?” To put it simply, […]