Comedian Bo Burnham Hilariously Breaks Down Everything Wrong With Modern Country Music

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If you’re sick of modern “stadium country” music that all sounds the same, you’re not alone- comedian Bo Burnham is sick of it too. Before you read on, know that Burnham is not just bashing country because he doesn’t like it. In the beginning of his bit, he cites greats like Dolly Parton and Willy Nelson as some of the greatest songwriters of all time. What he takes¬†umbrage with is all the modern country singers who are merely using a formula to achieve success, spouting buzzwords in their songs rather than writing from the soul.

You know all the typical things you hear in these country songs- dirt roads, pickup trucks, cheap whiskey, summer nights, etc…It’s a proven formula that has worked time and time again for many cookie cutter country artists. Watch as Burnham sings a song of his own that perfectly breaks down exactly what is wrong with country music these days, along with the soft ramblings in between the verses and mandolins playing in the background. If you are a lifelong fan of country music you are likely to laugh your ass off- I know I did.

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