40 Insane Face Tattoos That Definitely Wont Get You a Job

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If you think face tattoos are appealing, you might be one of many people. A lot of prisoners are known to have face tattoos, which is kind of fine if they are serving life sentences anyways. Examples include the tear drop tattoo, which usually signifies that you have killed someone in your life. If you aren’t a prisoner, I’m going to go ahead and say you are probably a pretty bizarre person if you think face tattoos look good. They prevent you from being employed at most places, they make your face uglier, and people will harshly judge you.

What’s your opinion on face tats, would you ever get one? I personally have one tattoo on my chest, but would never even think of getting one on my face, or my neck for that matter.

1. Eyes on the back of his headFace Tattoo (1)


2. Real life skeleton

Face Tattoo (2)


3. What a redneck

Face Tattoo (3)


4. I have no idea what that says but it looks terrible

Face Tattoo (4)


5. Is he really truly blessed though?

Face Tattoo (5)


6. Like a toddler colors on his face
Face Tattoo (7)


7. Taco Bell career confirmed

Face Tattoo (8)


8. Yes you are

Face Tattoo (9)


9. Interesting

Face Tattoo (10)


10. I’m guessing he’s not a stock broker

Face Tattoo (11)


11. Ice cream face

Face Tattoo (12)


12. Why dude?

Face Tattoo (13)


13. Is that a turtle on his head?

Face Tattoo (14)


14. Uhh cool bro

Face Tattoo (15)


15. He’s a robot underneath

Face Tattoo (16)


16. What is going on here?

Face Tattoo (17)


17. This girl actually used to be pretty too

Face Tattoo (18)


18. Tiger face
Face Tattoo (21)


19. Good to know

Face Tattoo (22)


20. When your face looks like Lisa Frank

Face Tattoo (23)


21. I bet this guy really likes soccer

Face Tattoo (24)


22. I would try to smack it off

Face Tattoo (25)


23. So much wrong

Face Tattoo (26)


24. The ultimate hipster tattoo

Face Tattoo (27)


25. America man

Face Tattoo (28)


26. Juggalo

Face Tattoo (29)


27. That is freaky

Face Tattoo (30)


28. Double guns

Face Tattoo (31)


29. She must really like Drake

Face Tattoo (32)



Face Tattoo (33)


31. Scribble tattoo

Face Tattoo (34)


32. What a happy man

Face Tattoo (35)


33. What a beautiful baby (not)

Face Tattoo (36)


34. Can I play checkers on your face?

Face Tattoo (38)


35. McDonalds career confirmed

Face Tattoo (39)


36. Has to be a prisoner

Face Tattoo (40)


37. When you’re a man with a baby face

Face Tattoo (41)


38. A walking billboard

Face Tattoo (42)


39. Do you want fries with that

Face Tattoo (43)


40. When you’re an Old Navy model with face tats

Face Tattoo (44)


Bonus: Hipster gang leader

Face Tattoo (45)

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