35 Inappropriate License Plates That Made It Past the DMV

Government employees need to pay better attention…

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It’s pretty astonishing how many inappropriate license plates seem to make it past the DMV. Sure their employees are often uneducated and certainly under-payed, but how many funny license plates need to slip by before someone gets fired? When you see someone apply for a vanity plate that says “DZ Nutz,” doesn’t an alarm go off in your head? Clearly not.

These hilarious and inappropriate vanity plates might make you laugh out loud, but some of them are just downright racist or gross. Dirty license plates on the list includes “ANA SLEX” and “2HR POO.” Two hours for a crap? That’s how you get hemorrhoids buddy, get off the bowl!

1. Who is this Ana Slex?Inappropirate License Plate (1)

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