30+ Literal Cake Fails From Really Dumb Bakeries

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When you look at these literal cake fails, it’s hard to imagine that the bakers didn’t do them on purpose out of spite. How do you make a cake with the literal wording the person gave you, when it’s so obvious that it’s the instructions of what they actually want on the cake? Maybe the bakers were cranky from the crappy instructions some of these people gave, and decided to sabotage them with these funny literal cakes instead of what they actually wanted. I imagine a lot of refunds and do-overs were made because of these cake fails, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still laugh at them.

Some of these messed up cake instructions are kind of the customer’s fault. Who the heck writes, “Welcome Baby In Pink” as instructions? Maybe the baker thought they were expecting a girl, which kind of makes sense. Others are obviously the bakery’s fault, and you’ll know them when you see them. Which of these funny cake fails had you laughing the hardest?

1. They messed up AND didn’t proofread…Literal Cake (1)

2. They wanted green icing you morons

Literal Cake (2)

3. Again, they were trying to tell you the icing color dummies!

Literal Cake (3)

4. Too good at following instructionsLiteral Cake (4)

5. The congratulations isn’t even that small

Literal Cake (5)

6. LMAO the sprinkles on the sides too

Literal Cake (6)

7. Straight Zoolander moment right here

Literal Cake (7)

8. Why on earth would they want a URL on their cake?

Literal Cake (8)

9. Who’s dumber? The baker or the bad speller

Literal Cake (9)

10. Honestly how dumb can you get?

Literal Cake (10)

11. Poor Sheri only has one eye

Literal Cake (11)

12. The year was just so damn purple

Literal Cake (12)

13. Like bakers are supposed to know French?

Literal Cake (13)

14. Reading fireworks is just as cool

Literal Cake (14)

15. What’s a “jorsey” anyways?

Literal Cake (15)

16. Now you’ve got two Happy Brithdays

Literal Cake (16)

17. This is idiocy at it’s finest

Literal Cake (17)

18. Just 34 man..just 34

Literal Cake (18)

19. The instructions here were kind of weird

Literal Cake (19)

20. As literal as it gets

Literal Cake (20)

21. What an ugly cookie cake

Literal Cake (21)

22. Well when you give instructions like that..

Literal Cake (22)

23. That’s been his nickname since elementary school

Literal Cake (23)

24. Don’t we all?

Literal Cake (24)

25. There’s always room for you, Seth

Literal Cake (25)

26. Swedish birthday cakes are tough

Literal Cake (26)

27. C’mon guys, really?

Literal Cake (27)

28. The files are IN the computer?

Literal Cake (28)

29. Another Disaster

Literal Cake (29)

30. Gotta have musical notes

funny literal cake 30

31. Didn’t even get the sprinkles and stars

cake fail 31

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