30+ Hilarious Mustang Memes About Their Constant Crashes

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Before we start ripping Mustangs with these hilarious Mustang memes, let’s just clarify one thing- responsible Mustang owners do exist. That being said, if you go to YouTube and type in “Mustang crash,” you will find an entire days worth of videos that show Mustangs crashing into crowds of people, other cars, and barricades. These funny Mustang crash memes make fun of these crappy drivers, who clearly don’t understand that having a rear wheel drive with that much power is hard to control. If you get all these shiny upgrades to your car but don’t upgrade your suspension and get softer sport tires, these accidents are going to happen- especially if you’re trying to show off for a crowd. Most of these memes come from the Cars and Coffee meets, where car enthusiasts gather on Saturday mornings to get some coffee and talk about their vehicles. Inevitably there will be some jackass Mustang owner who peels out as hes leaving, eventually losing control of his car and plowing into something.

Like we said, there are a lot of Mustang owners who are very responsible with their vehicles, and I’m sure they hate being lumped in with the idiots in these funny memes about Mustang owners.

1. Not even State Farm can save youfunny-mustang-meme-1

2. Stay in your homes tonight folksfunny-mustang-meme-2

3. Happens at every car showfunny-mustang-meme-3

4. Do not bring your kids to these car meetsfunny-mustang-meme-4

5. Just don’t do it where pedestrians are aroundfunny-mustang-meme-5

6. There’s going to be some plowing tonightfunny-mustang-meme-6

7. Unfortunately Mustang owners just don’t give a crapfunny-mustang-meme-78. This should be a requirement

9. No plot twist in this one thoughfunny-mustang-meme-9

10. Wish this was a jokefunny-mustang-meme-10

11. Yupfunny-mustang-meme-11

12. Another vehicle will have to dofunny-mustang-meme-12

13. Carmaeggdon funny-mustang-meme-13
14. You just unleashed a monsterfunny-mustang-meme-14

15. Um I think there’s something under your bumperfunny-mustang-meme-15

16. Wow that’s a quick murder accelerationfunny-mustang-meme-16

17. Looks like you’re readyfunny-mustang-meme-17

18. It’s been happening for yearsfunny-mustang-meme-18

19. Nothing can stop a Mustang from going over the curbfunny-mustang-meme-19

20. The newest form of warfarefunny-mustang-meme-20

21. The urge is about to explodefunny-mustang-meme-21

22. Boyz n the Hood reference, this is freaking hilariousfunny-mustang-meme-22

23. You think we’re joking…funny-mustang-meme-23

24. Let the bodies hit the floorfunny-mustang-meme-24

25. I spit out my coffee for this one, too funnyfunny-mustang-meme-25

26. Happy Birthday Timmy!funny-mustang-meme-26

27. The crowd will never see you comingfunny-mustang-meme-27

28. Seems about rightfunny-mustang-meme-28

29. The one time a Mustang crash would be beneficialfunny-mustang-meme-29

30. Surprised the entire planet didn’t explodefunny-mustang-meme-30

31. Looks like a good test runfunny-mustang-meme-31

32. Making responsible Mustang owners look terrible

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