The 10 Best Party Movies About Drinking and Sex

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The best party movies have a few things in common- sex, booze, and best bros being best bros. From classics like Animal House that define the party movie genre itself, to modern party movies like Seth Rogan’s Neighbors, these are 10 films that you have to see if you’re in high school or college. What makes a good party movie? The main characters are almost always male, are often on some kind of question for either beer or girls. They usually learn something along the way, usually in the form of a fight among themselves over a girl. The characters are usually high school or college students who can’t drink legally, causing them to go through ridiculous lengths just to get drunk.

What is your favorite movie about partying? If your top party movie isn’t already here, let us know in the comments what it is and why!

1. National Lampoon’s Animal House

Animal House Best Party Movies of All Time

Toga! Toga! Toga! Before there was American Pie or Superbad, Animal House defined the party movie genre when it was released in 1978. Following an unruly fraternity that loves to drink their asses off, Animal House is not only the quintessential party movie, but one of the most influential comedy movies of all time. John Belushi steals the show as the frat’s leader Bluto, but there are also fantastic performances from Tim Matheson, John Vernon, and many more.

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